Booby, Be Quiet! is a collection of essays and columns about poetry, literature and literary politics, published by poEsia in 2012.

“One of the most engaged and enthusiastic
works of poetics in recent years.”
– Charles Bernstein

“Norðdahl’s essays are brilliant vivisections of
contemporary poetry and its problems”
– Sharon Mesmer

“A breathtaking collection of criticism from one of Europe’s most
exciting poetic practitioners and theorists and stands as one of the most vital
contributions to innovative poetry criticism in Europe’s recent history.”
– 3AM Magazine

“Brilliant [...] It’s so good that I’m torn between my impulse
toward bitter envy & lavish praise!”
– Anne Boyer


For three euros you can be the proud owner of 30 sound poems (which comes to a whooping ten cents a piece), written, composed and performed by me, Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl. For four euros more you can get a physical CD (home-burned with a nice cover) – including delivery costs. The Dictators & other sound poems features a series of poems about dictators and (anti-) heroes, avant nail-soups, finnish horrorpoems, Icelandic-American national poetry, crisis sonnets, selected blenderbenders, scandinavian tomfoolery and 17th century pastoral insanity from Icelandic poet farmers.





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